Seeing the need to improve on product longevity in the game of baseball, in 2015, a group of retired professional baseball players banned together to begin testing batting gloves and gear bags to outperform and outlast than any others on the market.

While ALL competitors simply design a product on paper and send a photo to China to manufacture it, we have worked with the top U.S. sewing facilities to design, develop, and manufacture test products right here in the United States, so we have been able to make any necessary changes on the fly.

A slow approach with countless hours of testing was used to insure that what we brought to the table was considered by us to be unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Finally, after years of this approach to prove durability, Pincer Sports LLC was formed in early 2023.

Already having relationships with professional players and coaches, we have had big leaguers and prospects using the Pincer brand in spring training this year, and that will carry over into the regular season.

Follow along to see our other top quality products that we feel perform better than any others. We will be releasing additional products soon.

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